Employment Services

Employment Services

Job Training

Employees of Work Now Hawaii will receive on-the-job training, and work toward industry standard certifications.

Custodial Services -  We teach the fundamental hard and soft skills required to maintain successful employment as well as basic and advanced skills in all areas of commercial building cleaning. Certifications that Work Now Hawaii will help individuals pursue and attain include:

  • ISSA Custodial Technician Certification
  • ISSA Custodial Supervisor Certification

Web Development and Online Marketing - We teach the skills needed to enter the Information Technology field, and would offer varying related certifications including:

  • Google Web Designer
  • Google Adwords & Analytics Certification
  • Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect

Office Administration - Our partnership with Impact Hub Honolulu provides us with an inclusive space for student interns to explore work in an office environment. Here they will build invaluable personal and professional confidence and improve upon their professional qualifications. In serving as assistants to the hosts, they will provide general administrative support services, while working toward the following certification: 

  • IAAP Certified Administrative Professional

Transition Age Youth Career Exploration Program

In our second year of partnership with the Hawaii School For the Deaf and Blind, we seek funding to expand our school-based career exploration programs. We would like to offer paid internships to students as they discover and explore different vocational options.

Social Security Benefits Planning

If you receive Social Security Disability or other public benefits, returning to work can seem scary.  Will you lose your benefits?  What if your job goals don't pan out?

We are certified Benefits and Work Incentive Practitioners, and we can help you to plan strategically using work incentives, and ensure you are well informed in your decision making.


Great jobs for great people!

It is important to love what you do, and to set work goals that align with your interests.