Work Now Hawaii is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established to help people living with disabilities achieve independence through gainful employment. Our unique training programs are designed to maximize individual’s strengths and abilities in a way that increases their confidence and productivity. We identify and create accommodations our clients will use to be successful throughout their careers.


Create and support employment for people living with disabilities.


Employment options for anyone with a disability.

Our Work

Our work has evolved over the past five years as we explore the best ways to serve our mission.  Information on our current programs is listed below.


Work Based Learning

Our Work Based Learning program helps high school students with disabilities safely explore various work settings, gain valuable experience for their resumes, and learn what it means to earn a paycheck. Students are taught both soft skills, and can work toward industry recognized certifications.

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Ticket to Work

We can help you achieve your work goals! Our Ticket to Work service offers Social Security disability beneficiaries (persons who receive SSI or SSDI) age 18 through 64 who want to work with free job supports.

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DOBE Center

A disability-owned business enterprise (DOBE) is a for-profit business that is at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by a person with a disability.  Are you interested in starting a business, or need help with one you've already started?  We're here to help.

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Community Surveys

We believe in making data informed decisions, which is why we gather information at all steps along the way.  We invite you to submit information through our community surveys.

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Measures of Success

More Job Opportunities

More Job Opportunities

Provide a spectrum of employment opportunities, options and choices for people living with disabilities, based around peoples abilities and interests

Quality Work Environments

Quality Work Environments

Creating a quality work environment for people with disabilities that provides meaningful employment, with wages that lead to self-sufficiency and financial independence.

Successful Job Placements

Successful Job Placements

Successful job placement and support based on individual work goals, helping people living with disabilities succeed in an inclusive work environment.

Competitive Employment

Competitive Employment

Ensure inclusive employment amongst peers in community jobs by training basic skills and working toward industry recognized certifications.

Miselle Tomita – Hawaii School for the Deaf and Blind

Working and collaborating with you (Mr. Gartside) is so fortunate, especially with your understanding and respect for Deaf people. You find the jobs that best fit a person's career preferences, regardless of their limitations and that opportunity pushes them to discover their abilities and invest in themselves. I am so grateful that you give them the opportunity to be a responsible and independent adult in the community.

Miselle Tomita - Hawaii School for the Deaf and Blind

We Go Further When We Work Together